Strategies for Working with English Language Learning Students

Deana Wojcik, a Volunteer of 826 Michigan shares some strategies for working with ELL Students. Read more below.

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Addressing Violence in Student Writing

Staff and volunteers at training
Staff and volunteers at the “Vol/loquium: Violence in Student Writing” training at 826CHI.

Picture this common scene from nearly any 826CHI program: you are working with a student on a story, bouncing ideas back and forth. The story could be something made up from their own imagination, or it could be a personal memory they want to explore on the page. Just when the story gets to the point where conflict begins to bubble up, the student makes a suggestion that you think is a little too violent.

As a volunteer, you might have been in this situation before, and for many of us, it’s difficult to navigate the use of violence in a student’s writing. Continue reading “Addressing Violence in Student Writing”