Tina Collier

Nicole D’AureliIMG_0264

Agent Code Name: Purple Songstress

How are you currently involved? VEST Member

What got you started with 826CHI? I started volunteering when I moved to Chicago in January of 2016. I wanted to volunteer while I was looking for a new job and had the pleasure of coming across 826. I was able to be involved in almost every activity and I’m so grateful for the experience.

What do you do outside the 826 Universe? I am an HR Business Partner with TransUnion.

Ashley Kolpak

Winshen Liu

2016-July_Sam_MockSam Mock

Agent Code Name:  Captain Southpaw

How are you currently involved?  Currently, I’m most active on the Associate Board, but I also volunteer in the Secret Agent Supply Store where I get to sing the praises of the students and their work to all the unsuspecting patrons.

What got you started with 826CHI? I heard about 826 for the first time when I was getting my MFA in Michigan, but I never got a chance to help out there. After landing in Chicago, I found 826CHI and started helping with student workshops, where I learned about pet sandwiches that go on walks, floating blimp dinosaurs, and ancient robot rituals.

What do you do outside the 826 Universe? I spend my weekdays tucked away in a tall office building, guiding an intricate rope-and-pulley system under the banner of marketing operations, which, actually, is the perfect cover for the creative work I do at 826CHI. No one suspects a thing. I also like to write stories, explore the city, and watch any kind of race, whether it’s between cars, horses, or even turtles.

Jill QuarlesJill

Agent Code Name: Dr. Q.

How are you currently involved? After-school tutoring and translating

What got you started with 826CHI? Cosmopolitan article.  I had been looking for volunteer work since moving to Chicago but hadn’t found anything that really spoke to me.  After reading a blurb about another 826 location, I knew I had to find out if Chicago had one.

What do you do outside the 826 Universe? I am finishing my dissertation for a PhD. in Hispanic literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  I also teach Spanish at UIC and am a part-time academic editor.  I love reading, running, and travel.


  • Kat Bolton
  • Elizabeth Cordes
  • Jeni Crone
  • Chelsea Fiddyment
  • Theodore Hahn
  • Rajiv Haque
  • Michael Hernandez
  • Richard Homuth
  • Nell Klugman
  • Amy Krzyzek
  • Josh Lesser
  • Hayley Miller
  • Shannon Monson
  • Lauren Nelson
  • Erin Paulini
  • Aparna Puppala
  • Danny Resner
  • Drew Rodriguez
  • Joshua Ruddy
  • Mando Salazar
  • Naomi Taub
  • Kara Thorstenson
  • Rosanna Turner
  • Tom Urwin
  • Alissa Walkner
  • David Welch
  • Warren Yates
  • Samuel Zelitch

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